Catering Company Retains Top Account
Through Connection and Creativity


“We gained insightful practical steps to apply daily. My energy for work has been electrified. My team is happy and uncorked like champagne bottles ready to celebrate creating ways to serve our customers. We retained a major account, margins are up and ideas are flowing. Couldn’t be more proud.” Andrea M., SVP


High-end catering company at risk of losing a seven-figure account, due to fear-based leadership, team conflict and low psychological safety


Phase 1: Executive Coaching with Senior Vice President
  • Some of the competencies: neuroscience of change, empathy
  • Increased awareness of the disempowering impact of her communication on the team
  • She applied simple language patterns to build greater connection, inclusion and safety
  • She learned specific questions to ask herself and her team that increased innovative thinking, margins and enjoyment

Phase 2: Facilitation:  Alignment of a Multi-generational, Diverse Leadership Team

  • Equipped with leading-edge skills to shift their mindset and improve the quality of work produced
  • From: Walking on eggshells, not feeling seen, cared for or heard To: Feeling valued
  • From: Me To: We. Trust and belonging were re-built, energizing peer-to-peer accountability and coaching


  • The culture shifted from guarded and self-protective to a cohesive team who supports risk-taking, learning and diverse viewpoints
  • SVP redirected 50% of her time by having a self-lead team and by modeling empathetic leadership
  • Team engagement scores increased by 60% (2 to 8)
  • Team decision-making time reduced by 40%
  • In the first 90 days, the team created an innovative service offering to retain the client. With proof of concept, brought it to market
  • Retained 100% of the team; work became fun and meaningful
  • Attracted 3 new top talent team members via word of mouth


  • Retained and extended client contract of $1.2M/year for a 4-year contract
  • Contracted an additional new revenue stream of $350,000/year for a 4-year contract
  • Total increased revenue 4-year accumulated $6.2M