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Renee Norcross

The daughter of a Hall of Fame coach and national skating champions, Renee Norcross grew up in the world of professional and Olympic athletes and a culture of pushing beyond limits, teamwork, and winning.

Throughout her career as a Leadership Expert and Elite Performance Strategist, she has spread that culture of going beyond limits, teamwork and winning to professional athletes, and to CEOs and management teams at mid-sized to F500 businesses, and has helped some of the world’s top athletes and largest companies to up their games.

Renee started delivering leadership training at the age of 12 when she developed and implemented a set of operating procedures for her family’s roller skating rinks and entertainment business.  After college she began working with athletes from the NFL, NHL, PGA, and MLB, as well as with Olympic athletes.  It was during this time that she began to develop her Winning Performance System™ which is a proprietary set of exercises, techniques, and tools that strengthen the inner game and position people for success.  The Winning Performance System™ has evolved over two decades and is the cornerstone of her leadership practice.

Renee grew up skating and snow skiing, today she is an avid mogul skier, golfer, and even went sandboarding down the dunes of the Sahara Desert.  On the non-athletic side, Renee has been a mentor with the Big Sisters organization for two decades and also devotes time to feeding the homeless when she travels as well as in her city.

Renee continues to hone her craft, as a sought-after international speaker, she inspires and transforms her audiences. And, has logged more than 10,000 hours of client leadership coaching.  

Renee Norcross hiking
Renee Norcross and client

Committed to providing her clients with the most relevant, cutting-edge strategies, Renee has an advanced Executive Coaching Certification, as well as training and certifications in: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience, and Sports Psychology. 

Her favorite quote is:
“Winning in any field, especially in business is about trusting each other and working with people, not against them.”
Renee Norcross

Renee Norcross WinQuest Worldwide owner