“Winning in the game of business is not for the weak. You gave our leaders the performance edge we were seeking. Small adjustments that drove measurable results.” CEO


From the Founder/CEO in our initial conversation…
  • “Forty-four years in business, always an industry leader focused on winning the game of business. We run our team hard and compensate them well to meet client expectations, market fluctuations and internal change initiatives.
  • In this volatile climate, six of our national managers are at full capacity claiming they have no more bandwidth, I tend to agree. Stress upticks daily, margins are dropping and productivity is slipping. What got us here won’t get us there. My concern is the impact on us by Q3. How can you help?”


Customized individual Future-Thriving Leader™ coaching program. Laser-focused to strengthen resilience, adaptability and agility in volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity (VUCA).


  • Retained 5 of the 6 leaders. Saving the company $2M annually in turnover costs
  • Increased mental agility, ability to quickly reset, pivot and effectively lead high team productivity during constant change
  • Learned to activate the zone on command, for heightened focus and quality thinking with less mental fatigue
  • Leaders reported:
  • Less reacting / more responding and foresight
  • Less chaos / more order, center and inner control
  • Less set in certain ways / more open
  • Tasked to reduce costs, each leader identified solutions to save the company money. Total targeted goal: $30M. Total Savings Realized: $37M.
“Working as a leader in the same industry for over 23 years you tend to rely on the skills that built your success. Renee’s approach to delivering small tweaks that matter was a game-changer for me. This process challenged me to go to my next level but was not a time-suck, I actually saved time and gained clarity on every call. My team has also benefited from this work.” VP Operations, Midwest Region