Go/No Go
Unified Just In Time to Execute


  • CEO is at risk of missing a time-sensitive strategic opportunity to build a new grocery store in a prime location.
  • “With countless attempts to improve the communication gridlock. My team was missing the synergy necessary to execute my vision, the clock was ticking.”


Executive Coaching
Executive Leadership Team Retreat

  • Using data driven insights, we laser focused a team alignment solution over a compressed time period to accelerate the CEO’s decision as a go/no go.
  • The team focused on 1 score: Trust in the executive leadership team’s unified ability to successfully execute the vision.
  • The retreat’s outcome would be the deciding factor.


  • “My decision to extend your services to 13 of my executives and leadership team proved invaluable. Because of the shared commitment and harmony in the team in such a short timeframe, the decision to go forward opening our new store was congruent and unanimous.
  • Within the first few weeks, I have a more mindful, collaborative and flexible team. Thinking is clear and precise, hard topics are addressed and meetings are more productive. My time is focused on executing the plan with confidence, instead of concerns about team dynamics. Bringing in Renee Norcross has proven to be one of the wiser choices we have made in years.”


  • “Working with you for over five years as my trusted advisor, I have restructured the business and taken risks I wouldn’t have taken to position us competitively, resulting in my growth and the company’s bottom-line growth. You’ve helped me stay calm and strategic in the storm while seeing clearly through the fog.”
Daniel Rosacci, CEO Tony’s Market