The Mental Edge

      How to Win Every Time

Adapt to Change

Two decades ago, we developed the A-Game Transformation System™ (AGTS) originally to equip professional and Olympic athletes with a mental edge to consistently high perform in conditions of uncertainty and when under pressure. The system was customized for corporate clients in a business context.
Whether in sports or business, the organizations that thrive in disruption, complexity and high-stakes conditions are comprised of leaders and teams that play the inner game best. In the new world of work, winning the inner game requires the capacity and resilience to adapt to, keep pace with, lead and foresee change. By developing Future-Thriving Leaders™, we facilitate strengthening the muscle of adaptability so that it becomes a capacity, an identity and business as usual.
The staggering failure rate and extreme financial costs of unsuccessful change management initiatives ignited us to find new and better ways for our clients to succeed in keeping pace in an era of high speed.
Our modernized frameworks have been adapted to demystify change in a corporate setting. Leveraging the newest insights from brain science and best practices of top performing enterprises, we guide our clients to break through resistance and move into readiness, to Win the People Side of Change™.
77% of CEOs worry about having the right people to thrive. They fear loss of market share, the inability to adapt to changing consumer demands, and an inability to innovate. (PWC)
Lack of adaptability costs businesses $19.8 billion per year. (PWC)
81% of workers feel burned out. Leader’s scores are higher than front-line employees. (Mercer 2021)
According to the World Health Organization, worker mental health will cost the global economy $1 trillion and lost productivity, each year.
70% of change programs fail to achieve their forecasted outcomes. (McKinsey)
Research shows that one of the most common pitfalls to effective change management is underestimating the difficulty of moving people from their comfort zones.
“Renee Norcross has given us insights into the mind and our behaviors. Her methodology has helped me to better give of myself to my patients and my profession.”
Dr. David Joffee, Founder and President, Heart Institute of Dayton, past President and Senior Physician, Dayton Heart Center
WinQuest Worldwide client photo
Because growth, progress and lasting change occur from the inside out, our proprietary set of inner game skills and best practices enables your leaders and teams to become even more productive and efficient while navigating the headwinds of change. Together, we ignite the human spirit, build human connection and unlock potential.

Our unique approach to learning is experiential and immediately applicable to real-time business conditions so that your leaders and teams can:

  • Leapfrog comfort zones
  • Build resilience and reset rapidly
  • Activate ‘the zone’ to improve focus, clarity and productivity
  • Apply simple neuroscience-based tools to quickly lower stress
  • Internalize mental and emotional readiness
  • Be in the present moment with their teams
  • Have unshakeable confidence in uncertainty
  • Ignite innovative and creative thinking
  • Grow through change and evolve your organization
  • Think forward to solve tomorrow’s challenges
We invite you to have a conversation with us about how we can support you in creating a future-thriving™ culture. One in which your talent reaches their greatest potential and becomes the best version of themselves. So that they can leap forward into the future and passionately serve one another and the company’s mission.