Executive Team Turnaround


  • Conflict avoidance within the team
  • “We don’t really talk with each other; everybody just does their job.”
  • Silos blocking interdependencies
  • Lack of collaboration on critical business issues
  • Departmental prioritization and protectiveness
  • The right people were not always included in the decision making
  • Top-down decisions, CEO carrying the leadership load


Executive Coaching and Executive Team Alignment


  • 100% to 300% improvement in 6 critical team behaviors (Chart)
  • Time Saved:
  • Redirected 4 hours a week per executive, 20 hours a month/per executive
  • 30% reduction in team decision-making time
  • 20% fewer meetings, shorter meetings and more effective meetings
  • Solution-driven conversations on critical business issues
  • Discussing the elephant in the room is business as usual
  • New process for having the right people at the table
  • Became an inclusive, agile and collaborative team that shares the leadership load
  • The cohesion modeled by the C-Suite reduced tension in Leadership team meetings, enabling candid cross-functional communication to cascade down

“The timing of Renee’s work with my team was ideal, making us nimble and innovative in very adverse conditions with great responsibilities.” CEO