Open to Development

“He has transformed, he’s done 180-degree improvement in conversation and collaboration; still the same man, just better. We’ve built a level of trust that I never imagined possible.” Peer


  • Good-hearted executive experiencing disengagement and tension in his team 
  • Required upskilling in: leadership, communication, people skills and confidence in a new role
  • Perceived by some as a leader who was unwilling to grow


Our first conversation identified the executive to be open and willing to learn new ways of leading, communicating and aligning with the culture. We agreed there was a right fit for a coaching engagement. WinQuest’s business model is built on a partnership approach that focuses on shifts, progress and authentic self-alignment; this was appealing to the executive.


  • Delivered a multi-year executive coaching engagement including these competencies: executive presence, communication, developing others and emotional intelligence. 
  • Formed the new vision and strategy of the leader he wanted to become, to better lead the company and today’s modern workforce through change.


  • Through incremental and consistent behavioral shifts, the limited and “false” perception of the leader was elevated. Authentic connection was built
  • New perception: seen as a contributing servant leader and team player
  • Retained for 4 years saving the company high turnover costs
  • Proactively focused on relationship building with internal and external customers beginning in the first 2 weeks of coaching
  • Built a high-performing team of new hires and existing members
  • Reported:
  • Redirecting 5 hours a week by reducing inefficiencies
  • Stress down by 35% during high-stress business conditions
  • Conflict avoidance reduced by 20%
  • Put the company in its strongest financial position in decades