Develop A High-Performance Culture in Your Teams

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Develop A High-Performance Culture in Your Teams

Reshape Culture

Teams that consistently outperform have certain cultural traits in common. They are highly collaborative, make effective decisions quicker, drive innovation, have very low turnover, and are strongly focused on success.

Our High-Performance Culture Accelerator™  program can shift any team into an elite level of team performers that elevates the culture to new standards, building an enterprise-wide “one-team mindset”.  This fully customized program equips them with culture-driven strategies, tools and hands-on exercises, they need to develop innate success behaviors.

High-Performance Culture Accelerator™

The Culture Accelerator puts you and your team through a series of workshops, training sessions, exercises, and other learning methods that:

  • Pulls the members into a strong, highly functional team
  • Increases trust, openness and cohesion
  • Dissolves silos
  • Optimizes teamwork and productivity by minimizing conflict
  • Unifies multi-generational cultures
  • Accelerates deadline-driven decision-making
  • Increases agility and execution speed
  • Develops and reinforces success patterns
  • Reduces turnover
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How We Do It

We work with you to:

  • IDENTIFY the high-performance traits your team is missing.
  • CREATE an Accelerator plan to develop those missing traits in your team members.
  • DEFINE KPIs so we can measure progress and see results.
  • OPERATE the Accelerator plan using a variety of custom training sessions, role-plays, and strategic exercises.
  • APPLY what they have learned in their day-to-day activities
  • TRACK the KPIs and make adjustments as needed.
  • END of process evaluation and determination of  the next step.


While the specific topics that we work on depend on your needs, here is a partial list of areas that are often covered:

    • Alignment
    • Accountability
    • Creating a psychologically safe environment
    • Productive conflict
    • Candid and comfortable conversations
    • High-performing teams and culture
    • Expanding the network and ecosystem

Turn Your Teams and Culture into a High-Performance Engine Powered for Long-term Success