About WinQuest Worldwide

Discover why WinQuest Worldwide Consulting and Leader Coaching Group can ignite you to lead transformational change, drive winning performance, and sustain growth in your industry for generations to come. We are dedicated to the belief that team success is the only way to drive real results.

We partner with executives and their teams to make
the 1% Shift™ in Thinking that strategically moves your organization forward.

Meet Renee

Renee Norcross

As WinQuest Worldwide’s Founder and CEO, Renee Norcross is passionate about seeing her clients become Future-Thriving Leaders™ who transform organizations by moving beyond comfort zones into forward-focused, collaborative teams that produce business results. Renee and her team do this by providing outcome-based executive coaching, business consulting, leadership development, and sales team coaching.

As a Leadership Expert and Elite Performance Strategist, Renee brings to the table a culture of going beyond limits, teamwork, and winning to CEOs and their leaders at entrepreneurial to F500 companies, as well as professional athletes. She has helped some of the world’s largest companies and top athletes with real-world skills to strategically up their games. Her background and education give her a unique edge that equips her clients to unlock the status quo, align culture to vision, and make change a capacity, not an event.

The Making of WinQuest Worldwide

Renee's Story

The daughter of a Hall of Fame coach and national skating champions, Renee Norcross grew up in the world of professional and Olympic athletes and a culture of pushing beyond limits, teamwork, and winning.

Renee started delivering leadership training at age 12 in order to reduce her parents’ stress as business owners. She developed and implemented a set of team alignment and operating procedures for her family’s roller skating rinks and entertainment business. This ignited her passion for learning every aspect of their customer-centric company, which impacted the industry for over 80 years, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Renee Norcross WinQuest Worldwide owner

After graduating college with a degree in Business, Renee built a successful corporate career in the hospitality industry in Vail, Colorado, where world-class service is the standard. She led front office operations and sales management for a top national brand as well as a boutique resort property. Renee also initiated early environmental programs such as Adopt-a-Highway, and guest-involved water conservation that was adopted enterprise-wide and has become an industry standard today.

Combining her strong sense of vision for companies that desire change and her quest to make a greater impact, she founded WinQuest Worldwide Consulting and Leader Coaching.

WinQuest Worldwide started out serving clients in both business and sports. Along with corporate clients, Renee began working with athletes from the NFL, MLB, and PGA as well as with Olympic athletes. It was during this time that she began to develop her Winning Performance System™, which is a proprietary set of tools and techniques that strengthen the inner game and position individuals and teams for the next level of success. The Winning Performance System™ has evolved over two decades and is the cornerstone of her leadership programs.

Renee Norcross and client

Today, Renee’s focus is on impacting corporations.

Driven by our mission of equipping clients to WIN the QUEST of organizational transformation and benefit all stakeholders and shareholders by staying ahead of the pace of change, we partner with you to make a positive impact on the world.

Education, Training, and Certifications

  • 10,000+ hours of client leadership coaching
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Commerce
  • Accreditation: Neuroscience-based Conversational Intelligence®
  • Certified Executive Coach, Center for Executive Coaching, World Business & Executive Coach Summit
  • Certified Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Specialist in: Rapid and Lasting Behavioral Change
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Health Practitioner
    • Specialist in: Stress & Burnout Reduction

Additional Training in: Neuroscience, HeartMath®, Behavioral Science, Emotional Intelligence and Sports Psychology.

Outside of Work

Renee Norcross hiking

Renee has been a mentor with the Big Sisters organization for two decades and also devotes time to feeding the homeless. She is an avid mogul skier, golfer, and even sandboarded down the dunes of the Sahara Desert.

In alignment with the theme of knocking down silos and walls, in 1990 while on vacation in Germany, Renee paid for a chisel to make her contribution to “‘tear down the wall’’. Today, she keeps pieces of the Berlin wall in her office.