The Mental Edge

      How to Win Every Time
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The Mental Edge 
How to Win Every Time

Think Forward

Whether in sports or business, the organizations that thrive in disruption, complexity, and high-stakes conditions are comprised of individuals and teams that play the inner game best. In the new world of work, winning the inner game requires the mental agility to think forward and move beyond comfort zones, optimize team performance and keep pace with the speed of change. To do this your team members need a Mental Edge.
All elite athletes and world-class performers know the power of the inner game, that’s why NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA organizations have mental game experts on staff.
Two decades ago, we developed our A-Game Transformation System™ (AGTS) originally to equip highly competitive professional and Olympic athletes with a mental edge in conditions of change, uncertainty, and when under pressure.
We then adapted the A-Game Transformation System™ into a corporate-specific model with the intention of giving our corporate clients the same edge in the business world.
The AGTS has demonstrated its viability as a team development strategy that guarantees a competitive advantage and will continue to do so.
The mind can be a liability or asset, adversary or ally, opponent or partner. Our programs enable a cultural mindset shift that empowers your teams to embrace change and face it with confidence, creativity, and collaboration.
The AGTS is eight neuroscience-backed high-performance habits in a five-stage framework, facilitated through a set of experiential training and coaching sessions that build your Future-Thriving Organization™.
Your Team Members Capacity is the Predictor of Your Enterprise-Wide Consistent Levels of Customer Service and High Performance.
The Capacity to:
• Enliven and enrich professional relationships • Adapt, pivot, and make effective decisions • Maintain a calm-confident composure • Find solutions, innovate, and disrupt • Win together, today and in the future

all in the headwinds of today’s climate is your organization’s edge.

77% of CEOs worry about having the right people to thrive. They fear loss of market share, the inability to adapt to changing consumer demands, and an inability to innovate. (PWC)
Lack of adaptability costs businesses $19.8 billion per year. (PWC)
81% of workers feel burned out. Leader’s scores are higher than front-line employees. (Mercer 2021)
According to the World Health Organization, worker mental health will cost the global economy $1 trillion and lost productivity, each year.
70% of change programs fail to achieve their forecasted outcomes. (McKinsey)
Research shows that one of the most common pitfalls to effective change management is underestimating the difficulty of moving people from their comfort zones.

Over the past two decades, our corporate clients have redirected
100’s of hours of unproductive time per team, per month.

  • Build resilience and reset rapidly
  • Activate ‘the zone’ to improve focus, clarity, and productivity
  • Apply simple neuroscience-based tools to lower stress
  • Reduce anxiety and self-doubt
  • Be in the present moment
  • Have solid confidence in uncertainty
  • Play to win
  • Expand creative thinking to enhance customer relationships
  • Gain a deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • Think forward to solve tomorrow’s challenges
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Your Teams Will Learn Empowering Skills, Practices, and Tools To:

Your company can attract and keep top talent using our mindset-first approach to learning and development. We partner with you to co-create a culture that is compelling, one in which your team members maximize their potential and become the best versions of themselves, so that they can inspire passion and energy to serve one another and the company as a whole.
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How It Works

We Work With You To:

  • CO-CREATE your Playbook around your goals, KPI’s and vision so we can track and measure progress, execution, and success.
  • ACCELERATE results by experiencing our pragmatic and neuroscience-based approach
  • ASSESS to build upon your strengths and identify blind spots, key stakeholder interviews, 360’s, and our proprietary assessment tools. We start with our Future-Thriving Culture Assessment™ and A-Game Transformation System™ Assessment.
  • EXPAND Your capacity to “win” the inner game as individuals, teams, and as an organization.
  • EVALUATE results and success, what works, and determine next steps for sustainable change.

Client Case Study

CEO Uses Inner Game Strategies to Unlock Performance
and Achieve Best Financial Year in Company History


  • Auto Brokerage Firm H.M. Brown, an Industry leader with a 30-year proven process, looking for new ways to drive revenue.
  • CEO frustrated with performance gaps believes there’s untapped potential.
Delivered a series of customized Sales Performance Coaching programs using A-Game Transformation System™ to drive record-setting performance with work/life effectiveness.
  • 10% bottom line growth achieving the best year financially in company history, while Renee was coaching over 40% of the organization.
  • 58% of participants set Individual sales performance records during the program
  • Top-producing broker industry-wide, broke through a 20-year unit barrier by 52%
  • 85% redirected 4 hours of unproductive time per week, equating to 16 hours a month
  • 90% reduced stress/anxiety at work
  • 87% improved quality of life by transferring the skills to life outside of work
  • 65% increased focus
  • 60% increased confidence in uncertainty
  • 45% gained client trust faster
  • 40% increased engagement
  • 35% strengthened vendor relationships
“Renee Norcross has given us insights into the mind and our behaviors. Her methodology has helped me to better give of myself to my patients and my profession.”
Dr. David Joffee, Founder and President, Heart Institute of Dayton, past President and Senior Physician, Dayton Heart Center