The Mental Edge

      How to Win Every Time
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The Mental Edge 
How to Win Every Time

Think Different

Whether in sports or business, the winner is the person or team that plays the inner game best.  To win the inner game, you need a Mental Edge.

We developed the Winning Performance System™ (WPS) originally to give highly competitive professional and Olympic athletes a mental edge. The WPS helps them get into the “zone” and stay there, regardless of is happening on the field – enabling them to win the game despite setbacks, surprises and risks.

Today’s businesses use the Winning Performance System™ to win in the marketplace.

We’ve all been in the zone, that mental place where we are completely clear, know exactly what to do, and whatever we do happens automatically without thought and works perfectly.   We generally associate the zone with athletics, meditation, a hobby, or some other non-business activity.  But we can operate in the zone in business, and when we do, great things happen.

Winning Performance System

The Winning Performance System™ is a set of training sessions, exercises, and coaching based on scientific research and validated over the last 20 years that enables you to develop a mental edge by getting into the zone to better understand and manage your business.  The WPS is interactive and experiential, not a bunch of lectures or papers to read – we work with you in real time to develop your inner game and apply that to your most challenging business objectives.  As your inner game starts improving, you will notice that you:

  • See situations more clearly.
  • Make effective decisions faster.
  • Feel stronger and more energetic.
  • Have clearer communications and interactions.
  • Have more creative ideas.
  • See more possibilities and opportunities.
  • Play to win instead of play to not lose.
  • Are calmer and have lower stress.
  • Recover faster from negative events.
  • Maintain composure under pressure.
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How It Works

We work with you to:

  • ASSESS your strengths and identify blind spots using scientifically validated instruments, 360’s and our proprietary “inner game” assessment tool.
  • UNDERSTAND your individual goals and strategic business goals, and refine the vision of where you are taking the company.
  • CREATE a Playbook around your goals and vision that will develop a Mental Edge for your team.
  • DEFINE KPIs so we can clearly track and measure progress and success.
  • EXECUTE the Playbook through one-on-ones, and team/group sessions over time.
  • APPLY the strategies and techniques learned to the business situations you encounter.
  • END of process evaluation and determine the next step.


Here are some of the key topics we help you gain mastery in:

  • Resiliency and rapid reset
  • Adaptability and agility in leadership
  • Peak performance – be in the zone
  • Modernization, creativity and innovative solutions
  • Managing stress, burnout and wellbeing
  • Unwavering confidence in the unknown
  • Leading with emotional intelligence 
  • Visionary and futurist thinking

Get in the Zone and Up Your Inner Game!