A Fast-Changing World Needs a New Kind of Leader

New Behaviors

Today, the pressure on leaders to inspire, engage, and retain top talent to build extraordinary teams is on the rise. “Soft skills” have become fundamental skills that many leaders are uncomfortable navigating. A leader’s behavior, from how they communicate to how they respond to new situations, influences the entire organization. Most people unconsciously mimic the behavior of the person above them.
Leaders of all levels are seeking a sense of connection in their professional experience that aligns their work with their values and their need for personal growth and influence. Being purpose-driven through meaningful work and inclusive, and diverse relationships while feeling drawn in and inspired to stay in cultural environments that foster psychological safety.
To enhance new workplace dynamics, we facilitate a shift in forward thinking that causes a positive change in new behaviors. We meet you where you are and partner with your leaders to identify and update key outdated mindsets, habits, and styles supporting your leaders in moving their teams forward, faster.
Watch as your leaders become open to new ways of thinking, relating, and communicating. Imagine a culture and business ecosystem where difficult conversations become solution-focused and top-notch work is contagious.
47 million quit their job in 2021. (McKinsey)
Turnover costs can be 1.5 to 2 times the salary, not including the damage to team morale, lost productivity, and strain on human resources. (McKinsey)
40% of employees consider leaving their job within 3 – 6 months. (McKinsey)
72% of HR professionals indicated that their HR department is working beyond capacity and stretched too thin. (SHRM)
Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. (Salesforce)

We Measure Results
of Leadership Progress and ROI

Let’s get started building your culture of Future-Thriving Leaders™. We bring our advanced executive coaching certifications and data-driven insights to build a strategically designed, customized suite of leadership solutions, to partner with you in closing the skills gap.
While the specific competencies and skills depend on your needs, here is a partial list:
  • Communication and conversational effectiveness that deepens trust
  • Confidence, growth, and success in a new role
  • Difficult conversations and resolving unproductive conflict
  • Developing others/Coaching and feedback style of leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Empathetic leadership that boosts engagement and inclusion
  • Executive/leadership presence
  • Growth mindset and learning agility
  • Leadership: influence and impact (win-win)
  • Leading change/Change management
WinQuest Worldwide team photo from above
We Work With You To:
  • ASSESS the differences between what today’s business environment expects and your current leadership style.
  • CO-CREATE your custom set of sessions to fill in the skills gap.
  • ACCELERATE results by experiencing our pragmatic and neuroscience-based approach
  • EXPAND your capacity to lead by combining our A-Game Transformation System™ along with the Future-Thriving Leaders™ Development Solutions.
  • EVALUATE results and success, what works, and determine next steps for sustainable change.
WinQuest Worldwide business man and woman
The facilitated sessions ignite leaders to:
  • Apply the short and long-term solutions to preventing quiet quitting, including strategies to reduce burnout and disengagement.
  • Align their values, strengths, and purpose with the organization's vision and purpose, so that work becomes a meaningful mission.
  • Model conscious leadership. Influentially lead from a mindset of curiosity, courage, and care instead of resistance and a “this is the way we’ve always done it” attitude.
  • Trade fear-based communication for inspirational communication, pointing the mind forward to generate innovative thinking.
  • Respond confidently to the unexpected. Swiftly pivot plans, processes, and points of view.
  • Listen with empathy, build trust and openly address the hard topics.
  • Find, respect, and appreciate treasures of wisdom from cross-generational and diverse viewpoints, lifting morale and energizing business-driven conversations.

Client Case Study

Catering Company Retains Top Account Through Creative Solutions

  • High-end catering company at risk of losing seven-figure account, due to fear-based leadership, team conflict and lack of creativity in menu and service offering
Executive Coaching with Senior Vice President:
  • From low awareness of the negative affects of her communication on the team, to becoming more intentionally self-aware. Applying empathy and choosing to be present in conversations with her team
Facilitation of Leadership Team:  
  • From employee to owner mindset; increased discipline on COGS
  • From a protective mindset to a creative mindset; the brain cannot be in fear and innovation at the same time
  • From Me to We. Trust was re-built, energizing peer-to-peer accountability and support
  • From status quo to exceeding customer expectations; resulting in developing a new service offering
  • Team decision-making time reduced by 40%
  • SVP redirected 50% of her time by having a self-lead team
  • SVP and her team’s energy increased by 30%
  • Retained 100% of the team
  • Attracted 3 new top-talent team members
  • Negotiated new contract and added new revenue stream
Increased Revenue:
  • Retained and extended client contract of $1,200,000/year for a 4-year contract; accumulated $4,800,000
  • Contracted an additional new revenue stream of $350,000/year for a 4-year contract; accumulated $1,400,000
  • Total increased revenue 4 year accumulated $6,200,000
“Renee’s consulting and executive coaching has helped us maintain our competitive advantage during times of growth and driving change. She has coached me, our CEO, VP of Operations, Director of Training, and regional offices to navigate through business complexities and provide solutions that align us with our goals. She understands our culture and vision and always challenges us to be more successful without losing sight of how we achieved success. Renee listens with an unbiased perspective, puts action to a vision and helps us facilitate change where necessary. As a result of Renee’s coaching, we have retained two of our leaders.”
Chief Operating Officer