A 1% Shift in Thinking
Can Grow Your Company for the Next 100 Years

What do
A&P, Kmart, Lord & Taylor, Modells, Sears, and Woolworth
have in common?

They were all 100-year-old+ brands whose management was stuck in their comfort zones, driving their companies out of business. And they are not alone. Your comfort zone is really a path to extinction because it causes you to deny threats and keeps you from innovating. No executive and no company is immune.

Our unique 3-step process shifts you slightly out of your comfort zone so your career and your company thrive in the future.

We delivered that 1% Shift™ in Thinking for

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and for dozens of others. We can deliver it for you.

3 Steps to Shift to the Next Level

Think Forward

Developed by working with Pro and Olympic athletes, we have a proven method for tuning your “inner game” not just for success, but for identifying and meeting challenges to come. The 1st step in your 1% shift.

You were able to get the team to use their mental strength to win every day. We’re seeing greater numbers, focus, efficiency, confidence and relationship building. My expectations were exceeded.”

Jon Kaske – Director, National Accounts, Pfizer 

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New Behaviors

A leader’s behavior, from how they communicate to how they respond to new situations, influences the entire organization. Most people unconsciously mimic the behavior of the person above them. A small tweak to your own behavior turns into a tidal wave that sweeps across the organization, lifting everyone to a higher level of productivity and success.

“In 25 years of working with leaders and sales teams to overcome barriers, I have met very few people who can deliver skills that really change behavior and performance. Renee Norcross is one of those people.”                       

Rusty Weeks – Vice President of Sales, AT&T Broadband

Reshape Culture

Your company’s culture flows from its history but is impacted by what’s happening now. History establishes an organization’s tenor, but what happens now is what sets a company up for success in the future. By nudging your culture to be more receptive and to question assumptions, you enable it to recognize and meet unexpected challenges successfully and turn them into opportunities for growth.

“Working with you for over five years as a CEO’s trusted advisor, I have restructured the business, taken successful risks and sustained bottom line growth. You’ve helped me stay calm and strategic in the storm, while seeing clearly through the fog.

My decision to extend your services to 13 of my executives and management team proved invaluable. 
Within the first week I have already noticed a more centered, collaborative, innovative and intelligent executive leadership team. Decisions are more efficient, and meetings are more productive. 

My time has been redirected to focus on strategy instead of team dynamics. Bringing in Renee Norcross has proven to be one of the wiser choices we have made in years.  

Daniel Rosacci, CEO Tony’s Market

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What Can a 1% Shift™ in Thinking Do For You?

  • Increase sales
  • Reduce turnover
  • Reduce stress & burnout
  • Increase profitable growth

What We Offer

  • Pragmatic Tools and Techniques
  • Proven Systems
  • Custom Solutions
  • Measurable Results
  • 1-on-1 Executive Coaching, Consulting and Retreats
  • Leadership Team Facilitation for Executives
  • Development Training for Operational Teams
  • Performance Coaching for Sales Teams
  • Workshops and Speaking

Who We Work With

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Middle Management
  • Leadership & Their Operational Teams
  • Leadership & Their Sales Teams

We've Served Clients Worldwide

  • Europe
  • North America

  • North Africa
  • South America

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